Glass, metal and wood. GHYCZY products are made from classic and high-quality materials. The wide choice of the raw materials used by oak to cherry and stainless steel to brass provide almost infinite combination possibilities. Nothing about a GHYCZY is mass-produced, instead offering customers’ personalised design and construction crafted to client requirements.


GHYCZY 2016 highlights

GHYCZY presents her 2016 director picks. A curated selection of the 'new familiar' interior objects. 7 must have highlight products.

By Appointment

GHYCZY recognises that everyone requires design that works for them. With this in mind, the team behind the creation process welcomes complete customisation of any current or past GHYCZY piece.


T53 in the spotlight

The making of a GHYCZY piece spans several weeks, using locally sourced materials and lovingly assembled by a well-versed team. The T53, a classic in design, uses brass that is void of lead and is one of the most requested models in the GHYCZY folio. Here is a brief description of how the T53 is made.


Fresh, innovative yet astoundingly pragmatic, the latest Content | 5 GHYCZY collections forms a series of new designs and reworked classics from the archive. A new look at lounge pieces combines space, storage and comfort to recreate some core designs in this collection. Original in-house patination means even more choice in customisation. A collection that inspires one to think beyond the everyday, welcome to GHYCZY 2016.



“While it certainly does me good to be able to fiddle with creation, perhaps even optimizing some small screw or other, the truth sits, somewhere between the extremes of a designer being thought of as a charlatan, or respected as a creator.”


Positive reactions and messages of customers and interior designers, that's our goal. Below a sampling of the feedback we received in the past year.



Design for Peter Ghyczy is a kind of meditation. In search of new solutions to solve or improve existing problems, he designs with functionality in mind. Every GHYCZY design is timeless in aesthetic. Materials meticulously sourced. Hand crafts- manship managed by a select group of bespoke artisans. Curious about our 2016 highlights, order the new lookbook here!