Location: Mediateca Santa Teresa via della Moscova 28 Milan
Hosted by: Wallpaper
Opening party: 17 April
Open: 18-21 April


Now leading into its 9th year, Handmade is Wallpaper*s most proudly ambitious annual project; the creation of a ground breaking exhibition and special edition of the magazine, dedicated to the marriage of craftsmanship and design. Acting as patron and creative director, Wallpaper* cherry-picks a selection of some of the world’s finest artists, craftsmen, makers and manufacturers, commissioning unique and one-off luxury items of furniture, fittings, food stuffs, fashions and much more. The commissioned works for Handemade are presented in an exhibition that traditionally takes place in Milan during Milan Design Week when the world of design descends on the city.

The theme for Wallpaper* Handmade 2018 is ‘Wellness & Wonder’ – the quest for mental and corporeal wellbeing, the long and winding journey towards a better you. With this in mind, we are looking for designers to create pieces that accessorise the cult of self-improvement, objects that exercise the cerebellum and work out the glutes, that replenish the body, jet-wash the life force and restore the innate harmony of the individual. We’re thinking brutalist cardio kit, hand-woven yoga mats, portable libraries, vitamin-pill cabinets, sculptural healing crystals, chi-realigning apparel, seasonal affective disorder-curing lighting. Similar to the 2017 exhibition, the Wallpaper* Handmade 2018 exhibition will take place in the restored baroque church, Mediateca Santa Teresa, in the Brera Design District.

As Rumi the poet had said ‘ If light is in your heart you will find your way home’. Our initial starting point for the SUNRISE mirror was influenced by Rumi’s belief that a person should look within themselves for the answers to his/her questions instead of demanding comfort from external factors to achieve the necessary state of inner peace and wellness.
Referring to this idea of shaping your perspective to focus on the right guides and seeking wellness from within, we decided to create a somewhat conceptual mirror. 
The name sunrise refers to the state of enlightenment you are meant to achieve when using this object.
Since a mirror is the most literal tool for self observation, the subconscious way of self judgement and since looking at a mirror represents of our most private moments when we come face to face with ourselves physically and mentally, it was a suitable object for our concept. Distorting the reflection of the user by creating a fractured surface, our aim was to divert the looker’s focus from seeing their physical reflection towards using their imagination to see their inner reflexion.
The fractured reflective surface is made from stainless steel which is then attached on a nubuck leather upholstered back. 
The bottom bowl which can be used as container, thus allowing the user to have a more personal interaction with the piece, is cast aluminum with a rough finish.