Welcome to GHYCZY, a family business that celebrates timeless, modern furniture design with a strong authentic character since 1971. GHYCZY has invented many new ways of constructions and created versatile furniture that influenced the design world for over 45 years. Every piece is made with passion by a small team of craftsmen in the Netherlands.


Peter Ghyczy. 50 Years of Functionalism presents a captivating retrospective
on Peter Ghyczy’s iconic furniture and industrial objects
that form an integral part of the design history
of the second half of the 20th century.

Central to the exhibition is the Garden Egg Chair, designed by Peter Ghyzcy in 1968.
Alongside the Garden Egg Chair, Peter Ghyczy designed many more
iconic furniture objects that are part of the design history
of the second half of the 20th century,
including his patented clamping technique for glass and metal.

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Garden Egg chair,
the ADAM – Brussels Design Museum proudly presents the first solo exhibition
on Peter Ghyczy to map his design innovations, spanning five decades,
giving behind-the-scenes insights into the life and oeuvre of this prolific designer.

Opening: 06.02.2018 from 19.00 – 21.00
Exhibition: 07.02 – 11.03.2018

Peter Ghyczy, 50 Years of Functionalism



To fully capture the aesthetic spirit of our brand, and showcase the versatility of our designs, every season we create several unique interiors that reveal our collection in different contexts. From a brightly-hued and eclectic country residence, to a subdued and sophisticated urban loft in a dusty palette, the GHYCZY collection can accommodate varied tastes and temperaments. Flexible but distinctive, GHYCZY always looks at home.


Every piece is made with passion by a small team of highly trained craftsmen and only produced by appointment. Made from natural materials like wood GHYCZYs furniture derive their beauty from Natures´ imperfection and will age gracefully. 

Whether it be a play with the cracks and knots in the wood or the irregularities created by the hand mould casting process, these elements are pure GHYCZY trademarks.




GHYCZY designs are recognizable, yet not idolized, they are imitated but never replicated. They are collectables made to be experienced, all day, every day. Our 5 Limited Editions, now also for sale in our webshop. 


GHYCZY wanted to set an example and made it his mission to work against mass production. We wanted to design, create, manufacture and distribute furniture with a lasting value for the sophisticated consumer. 

Peter Ghyczy was the first designer to ever establish a clamping technique between glass and metal which was soon to be one of the most imitated ideas in high end furniture.




Positive reactions and messages of customers and interior designers.


 GHYCZY goes international.
The last year we’ve done new co-operations and co-brandings around the world. For example a co-branding with BMW Benelux, a co-operation with Staffan Tollgard in London and the opening of a GHYCZY showroom in Singapore.

Would you like to collaborate with GHYCZY? Please feel free to call us
+31 (0) 475 50 4422.




Our GHYCZY team will gladly help you to choose the best product. We gave you advice about the possibilities of finishes, sizes and different product groups. 

Call, email or feel free to visit our showroom in Swalmen.


Fresh, innovative yet astoundingly pragmatic, the latest Content | 5 GHYCZY collections forms a series of new designs and reworked classics from the archive. A new look at lounge pieces combines space, storage and comfort to recreate some core designs in this collection. Original in-house patination means even more choice in customisation. A collection that inspires one to think beyond the everyday, welcome to GHYCZY 2017.


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For information or inspiration about our GHYCZY trends or catalogs, take a look at our press and download page.
For press; we have an online image bank where you can download all our GHYCZY images and information.


In the beautiful south of the Netherlands, near the river Maas and the German border, there is a rich history of sand casting and old tradition of craftsmanship. The GHYCZY atelier is located within this area profiting from the local expertise.

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Vintage Furniture


A series of collectable antiquated pieces by GHYCZY. Adored and collected by museums and vintage dealers around the world, these sought after pieces are now available to the public. This archive of historical designs is now marked with the signature of Peter Ghyczy. Each piece is completely unique, and will only increase in value over time.


Trust comes with familiarity and touch.
The soft feel of velvet, the irregularities of natural wood and the coolness of glass celebrate diversity and the vitality of new experiences.

Furniture that is subtle and of lasting quality evokes interest and communicates comfort while allowing to experiment with new designs. Glass, metal, wood, various fabrics and leather – the range of colors, textures, surfaces or materials is ample in GHYCZY´s design.

We call this the New Tactility.