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  “I am very proud to have real contemporary design in my house” 
  – an interview with Frans, a GHYCZY product owner

“I love GHYCZY because it’s classy. It has a luxurious look and feel without being over the top or opulent”, that’s how Frans describes our brand. We had a chat with Frans about our brand and his latest GHYCZY design purchase for his house in Amsterdam.

I discovered GHYCZY not so long ago, after a long search for the perfect fauteuil in our living room. I was immediately sold when I sat down on the GHYCZY chair. I know this sounds a bit cheesy, but I had never felt a more comfortable chair. I decided on the spot that I would like to buy it. With the help of Felix Ghyczy we chose a white comfy fabric and stylish gold, brushed legs. The legs combine the home feeling of the fabric with style, class and robustness.

What I love most, every day when I sit in the chair, is the comfort and that it makes me happy (even after having the chair for 4 months). I later, only after I got the chair, discovered the amazing history and class of the brand. Now I am very proud that I have real contemporary piece of design in my house. I also bought a lamp (model number MW08) that fitted well with the style of the chair. I already know exactly what the next piece is that I’m going to buy from GHYCZY.


 In summary, I would say that GHYCZY has a touch of Nordic design, but then with slightly more generosity and class. For me GHYCZY offers the perfect mix of class, comfort and elegance. 


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