If you’re a collector of vintage design, you’ll love GHYCZY design

There are many reasons to collect vintage design. Some buy it to be sustainable and others appreciate the iconic look some vintage pieces have. Here at GHYCZY we are big fans of vintage design.





GHYCZY: the finishing touch to
Hotel Park Centraal

In the city centre of Amsterdam, close to the well-known ‘Vondelpark’, you can find Hotel ‘Park Centraal’. This hotel is part of the Sircle Collection, a big hotel group. Park Centraal has done a big refurbishment over the course of one year. The results are fantastic. Park Centraal has a whole new entrance hall and lobby. For the finishing touch to their new interior the owner of the hotel asked the advice of GHYCZY’s private styling service. 


Ghyczy’s most important brand values: harmony & logic.

In a time of change and reflection, we had a talk with our founder Peter Ghyczy about the importance of brand values and the selection of sketches. Peter has been GHYCZY’s designer for almost 50 years and has a legacy consisting of more than a 1000 collectible designs.

Interview with GHYCZY product owner Frans who lives in Amsterdam

 ”I love GHYCZY because it’s classy. It has a luxurious look and feel without being over the top or orpulent”, that’s how Frans decribes our brand. We had a chat with Frans about our brand and the lastest GHYCZY design purchase for this house in Amsterdam. 

Six questions about how the Coronavirus will change the design industry extremely

 At this time, you may think that products the design industry offers ‘are just furniture’, but there is still an interesting story attached to this industry by looking at it against the light of the Corona developments. We’ve had a talk with one of our founders Felix Ghyczy about the Coronavirus and how it will change the design industry, our buying behavior and the way we communicate in the future.

A Chair –

What is good design? Design should service its user, it should not be trendy and or designed to throw away.

When it comes to a chair, a well designed chair should most of all be designed for its function. The design chair should be comfortable to sit on. The iconic chair Jodie (model number S02) was designed by Peter Ghyczy in 1986, and handmade in the Netherlands in the atelier of the boutique design firm GHYCZY ever since.