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What is good design? Design should service its user, it should not be trendy and or designed to throw away.

When it comes to a chair, a well designed chair should most of all be designed for its function. The design chair should be comfortable to sit on. The iconic chair Jodie (model number S02) was designed by Peter Ghyczy in 1986, and handmade in the Netherlands in the atelier of the boutique design firm GHYCZY ever since.  

This modern chair is designed in a special way, so it becomes incredibly comfortable, although it may not look that way.

There are 2 points that make the chair comfortable. Firstly, and the unique feature of this chair, is its flexible backrest. The comfortable backrest swivels and adjusts to any seating position making the industrial chair an active seating chair.

Secondly, the seat is curved and results in a very pleasant, soft and comfortable seating experience although the seat is very minimalistic.

The elegant seat is resting on a minimalistic frame of stainless steel or other metal. The chair can be made in several materials and finishes like: brass, stainless steel and copper. 

The chair Jodie is iconic and unique, it can not be placed in a style group and is elegant, timeless and fits every interior. 

The design chair is made upon order in the atelier of GHYCZY in the Netherlands. The client can choose and experiment with materials and finishings to create a unique product with character and personality. We think that a design should be emotionally sustainable. The more it is used, the nicer it becomes. A product that you will like today, tomorrow and the day after. Only good design makes this happen. 

After more that 30 years this chair is one of the most iconic designs in the GHYCZY collection.

The chair is presented in several museums like the ADAM design Museum Brussel (Belgium), MAKK in Cologne (Germany) and on the Design Biennale Venice 2019.


For 2019 is a version with armrests. A retro chair, elegant and minimalistic. NEW for 2020 is an industrial design barstool version. 

A preview the collection 2020 of the iconic chair Jodie which will be presented at the GHYCZY pop-up store at XBANK Amsterdam this September 27th until 31st of December 2019.


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Model Jodie S02
Design Peter Ghyczy
Designed 1988

Avant-garde in its look and function, this lightweight design features a flexible backrest, which adjusts to the movement of the person using it. Supportive regardless of a person’s size, it is a piece that possesses unexpected practicality. The frame of this chair is made from a stainless steel tube bent in a flowing line. The backrest pivots for greater comfort.

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