GHYCZY Showroom
Xbank, W Amsterdam Hotel Lobby 
Spuistraat 172
1012 VT Amsterdam

Everyday 10:00-20:00
Sunday 12:00-20:00


To fully capture the aesthetic spirit of our brand, and showcase the versatility of our designs, every season we create several unique interiors that reveal our collection in different contexts. From a brightly-hued and eclectic country residence, to a subdued and sophisticated urban loft in a dusty palette, the GHYCZY collection can accommodate varied tastes and temperaments. Flexible but distinctive, GHYCZY always looks at home.


A series of collectable antiquated pieces by GHYCZY.
Adored and collected by museums and vintage dealers around the world, these sought after pieces are now available to the public. This archive of historical designs is now marked with the signature of Peter Ghyczy. Each piece is completely unique, and will only increase in value over time.



Distinguished in its look, GHYCZY pieces are made unique by distinctive hand made finishes. Nothing about GHYCZY is mass-produced.


Our Master Series reimagines a selection of Peter Ghyczy’s designs in more exclusive materials and finishes (like onyx). Each piece is an entirely unique stand-alone object that combines opulent materials and an understated design ethos, for a subtle and sophisticated take on luxury. These are limited products.