Safari Audrey (GP05) 1.640,-*

Pictured edition: 1.815,-           

  • Frame Charcoal
  • Cast Part Charcoal
  • Wood Oak 2448
  • Fabric F/31 (Q2)
  • No Piping
  • H41

* Standard edition: Q1 Quality fabric, without piping, Stainless Steel Matt Frame and an Aluminium Gloss Cast Part.

All prices are European prices and incl. VAT / excl. transport.

Other Editions

Safari Audrey (GP05)
Stainless Steel Matt / RAL 4009 / Crysler

Safari Audrey (GP05)
Brass Aged / Oak Wenge / F26

Safari Audrey (GP05)
Stainless Steel Matt / Oak Latte / V10


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Cast Part



Moods and Details


Model Audrey GP05
Design Peter Ghyczy
Designed 2017

Playful construction of solid wooden rods and metal tubing is made possible by a special joinery between wood and metal. The loose seat and backrest cushions can be adjusted to meet your personal preference. Whether it is to lounge or to sit upright; the designer likes to offer the customer autonomy to make his own choice. The arm chair has a conical shape, it is wider in the front. The GP05 is an extraordinary light weight chair and a signature piece of Peter Ghyczy.


We wait. We watch. We admire its formation. The lines of growth etched into every inch.
A gift from the ground.
Knotted. Woven. Kindled.
And what we make of the beauty within it.