A home that has been passed down for generations, this storied estate is home to a family of art collectors. The GHYCZY collection sits in conversation with vintage pieces, antiques, and plenty of contemporary art, creating a dynamic interior full of vibrant flourishes. Unafraid of combining varied colours, patterns, and textures, this is the home of a free spirit.


Understated style is the signature of this modern loft, which emphasises clean lines and industrial finishes. But the versatile GHYCZY daybed brings a surprising shock of bright blue to the living room, and hints of the colour resurface throughout the space – a reminder that minimalism should never be mundane.


Dedicated to timeless beauty and design, Vibrant Velvet is the masterpiece of all GHYCZY looks. Precious materials and expressive patterns offer a more dramatic perspectives on GHYCZY design. Each piece conveys a sense of mystery that is yours to experience.


This elegant home contrasts a subdued palette of dusty pinks and warm woods with tougher touches of metal and glass, creating a calm but decisively contemporary interior. Fusing velvet and brass, natural oak and glass, silk and aged brass, this interpretation of the GHYCZY collection highlights material combinations that create both warmth and serenity.


Is all about the unconventional lifestyle of a traveler with a story to tell. Constructions typically come in straight lines. Symmetrical beams support luscious colors and materials in which patterns are thrown together to form a magic harmony. Home of Treasures is to complete and accompany your precious personal collection.


Solid structures inspire you to think beyond while building a home. Characterized by natural materials, such as wood or glass that float lightly on minimalistic constructions, Natural Classics conveys an airy appearance. The emphasis lies on well balanced proportions that radiate peace and comfort.