GHYCZY was founded in 1971 by acclaimed architect and designer Peter Ghyczy. From the start Peter Ghyczy was passionate about timeless, sustainable design. This is today known as emotionally sustainable design.
Sprouting from his strong belief in sustainable design and his trademark casting and clamping techniques, the GHYCZY collection has grown over the course of four decades. Peter’s innovative style has not only paved the way for new modernist design expressions, but also promotes minimal use of material. The GHYCZY aesthetic combines Bauhaus elegant minimalism with exotic Art Deco patterns and spofisticated details. Peter’s son, Felix, joined the practice in 2001. Today, father Peter Ghyczy (Budapest, 1940) and son continue to evolve the GHYCZY brand from their studio in Swalmen, a small town in the south of the Netherlands.

His products are created with great care and made to last. The natural materials GHYCZY uses are carefully sourced. Their surfaces are finished in a such a way that time will only enhance their beauty. All furniture is made by hand in the studio in the Netherlands. Each piece is unique and derives its elegant character from nature’s imperfections; from the cracks and knots in the wood to the irregularities in the stone and the pores in the metal caused by sand-casting. These special details make GHYCZY furniture shine in both modern and classical interiors, in private homes, luxury hotels and museums alike; GHYCZY can be found in the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Christie’s auction houses, the Ace Hotel and the Ritz Carlton.

The Garden Egg Chair, designed in 1968, and the light weight chair S02, launched in 1986, are two of Ghyczy’s most iconic pieces. The complete collection now comprises tables, seating, shelving, cabinets and lighting; all made to order and hand-crafted using sustainable materials with high quality patinas – to be enjoyed for many years.

Palazzo Room 7 and Roof Terrace

Masterly The Dutch In Milano
Palazzo Francesco Turati
Via Meravigli 7, Milano
09-14 April 2019

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